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A Mash Of Art & Style

An Optimal Balance Between Smoothness & Roughness For More Movement & Better Control.


Q) How Do I Clean This Mouse Pad?

Ans) If your just lightly cleaning the mouse pad a wipe down over the surface with a wet cloth should suffice, if your going to deeply clean it we recommend washing it by hand with warm water.

Q) Are These Mouse Pads Affected By Changes In Humidity & Temperature?

Ans) As mentioned above, the nature of water resistance on the mouse pads negates affects from changes in humidity & temperature on the mouse pad’s surface.( Waterproofing Typically Lasts Upto 6 months) 


M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

2 reviews for Mash

  1. Javiiaye

    it’s amazing still using it Yhh no roughness etc hella smooth will buy again in future InshAllah

  2. SaaduBaabu

    The quality of both the print and glide is so gooood

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