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What Size Is Best For Me?

Full Table Mousepads or Deskmats (whatever you like to call them) are in style right now but hey we understand if that’s not what you want or need, that’s why we’ve incorporated many different sizes in our catalog. Check out all the sizes below and see what’s best for you:


(Just the right size and the best option on a budget, A lot of space to move the mouse as you see fit)


(Great amount of space to move the mouse around in spite of a keyboard on the pad as well.)


( A Good option for those that want a lot of mousepad space, Generally better for low sensitivity players)


( Standard size to cover your whole desk/table, best for tables that have the dimensions 48×24 in.)

I’m still not sure what size would be best for me what do I do?

In this case we recommend that you contact us and voice your reservations, we’d be more than happy to guide you and make sure you get what it is you were looking for, Thank You!